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My specialty is custom built pcs, I can build any spec pc. All of my computers have a 1 year back to base warranty, and I will repair them, no need to send them to Sydney or Melbourne like all the big name brands. 

*All computers from Qikteks include home installation, keyboard and mouse.*

Microsoft office is included on the Home and student pc only. If you require Office please factor that into your budget, office prices vary from week to week so call for the recent price. No pc manufacturer includes a full version of office pre installed, only a trial , remember this when comparing prices.

Home and student pc

This pc starts from $875, you can do web surfing, online games, facebook, Itunes, office home and student is preinstalled. This pc is suited for someone studying or just wants basic emailing and web surfing facilities
this unit comes with 
* 2gb of ram
*500 gb hard drive
*celeron or sempron processor
*network card
*Microsoft office home and student (Word, Excel, One note, Powerpoint)
* friendly technical support
*Windows 7 Home premium
* 1 year back to base warranty

Office Work Station

This model is aimed at offices that need a real work horse,
starting at $1500 your computer will include
*4 gb of ram                                                     antec_business
*Amd athlon processor
*network card
*dedicated graphics card
*Raid configured hard drives (raid 1) 1 terrabyte
(raid 1 is offered for redundancy, it mirrors the same data over 2 hard drives,
it protects your data)
*Windows 7 Professional
*onsite warranty (Hardware issues only, software problems are not covered by warranty) 
extra addons can include Microsoft office, there are so many flavours of office 
so the end computer price will reflect on which version you prefer.


If you want the ultimate in PC gamming look no further.
I can build a custom gamming machine which will have you 
fragging all your mates in no time. The starting price for these pcs is $1700. If you are unsure what your gamming needs are I can help, generally we will start with a price point and I can factor in which are the best options within your budget. 
Here is an example of a good gamming rig as of 03.11.2010


*Main Board Asus P6X58D-E              
*processor Intel Core i7 950 1366
*8gb of ram ddr3 1866mhz
*2.25  tearrabytes of storage (1x 250 gb ssd drive and a 2 Tb hdd)
*750watt power supply
*Pioneer Blu ray reader writer (Burns Blu Ray)
*Cooler Master case RC922m
*Logitech G9X Laser Gaming Mouse
*Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard
*Graphics card EVGA 1536m super clocked GTX480
*Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Price $3349
Keep in mind this pc is for the serious Gamer, this is vey cheap for what this machine is capable of. Call me for different specs

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