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Qik Teks strives to offer the cheapest on site service available in Townsville. With fixed rate repairs there is never a nasty surprise at the time it comes to pay the bill.

VIRUS REMOVAL                                                  

viruses are terrible and i always wonder why people write them, especially the ones that that offer the virus writers no financial gain.

viruses on computers are much like they are in human beings, you can stop the symptoms of the virus but you cannot get rid of it.
But unlike in humans computers can be wiped clean and put back to there factory state which is the only sure way to get rid of a virus.

For this service I offer a back up of your data and a restore of your pc back to its factory shipped condition. the cost of this service is $150* . This service is offered  as a drop in to me repair for it takes some time to back up your data first, 
this service can also be offered onsite at a cost of $80 call out which includes the first hour then $40 an hour part thereof.

*requires all recoverymedia included with your computer driver cds, recovery partition, additional fees apply if these are not available.



I also offer onsite repairs, I can diagnose the problem hardware and offer a solution. I can source parts for every brand of computer and install it whether it be a laptop or pc or server.

This service is $80 call out which includes the first hour and $40 an hour part thereof.


I can come out to your home or business and install ram memory, a new hard drive, graphics card, even software like antivirus.

The prices for these parts will vary so call me for the latest price. Onsite repair fees are applicible. Also availible is the drop in service where the only charge is $40 for installation plus the price of parts which I Put no mark up  on, thats right you only pay invoice price for the upgrade components. ( hard drive upgrades do not include operating system installations, extra fees will apply if you need an operating system install)


For this serivce you will require a working broadband internet connection and administrative privelidges on your computer. I will get you to install an installation on your pc which will temporarily let me log on to your pc and fix any niggiling software issues you have,or even install software you are not too sure how to configure, or show you how to use particular software, even help configure a wireless router. And you can watch it all on your computers screen live. This service is worth an initial fee of $20 which includes the first 15 minutes then $20 for every half hour part thereof.
you will be sent out a bill to your home address or email.

Also I also offer a "Remote Administration Weekly" , where I log onto your pc or server once a week and make sure your antivirus is up to date and your data back
ups are working* and check your computers event viewer for events that could cause potential trouble in the future, and perform general maitenance the average computer user just has no time for. This service is worth  $40 a month or $420 per year subsription for desktops $150 a month for small business servers #

*back up software and hard drive is required (ask for more details)

#sbs 2003 server only, allows 4 active directory and 4 exchange accounts  to be added  or removed a month.


I can come to your home or work place and configure a "Local Area Network" or "Wide Area Network". Each networking environment is different so prices for this service will depend on the nature of the network needed. For home and small office fit outs refer to my onsite repair charges. For larger offices or home networks I can quote for this service, which may require specialist parts and wiring (Qikteks cannot install cabling in your home or office, you will need a liscensed cabling technician  to fit out your office space, which I can reccommend) .


see my laptop repairs page for more details and costs.

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