Shopper Docket terms and conditions.

Virus removal will involve a Technician to visit your premises or drop in repair to our work shop. If the call out is estimated to take over an hour or the computer is infected with too many viruses the computer must be taken to our work shop. This is at the disgression of the technician.

If the virus cannot be removed by conventional methods, a reinstall of your operating system will have to be performed at our work shop, of a service fee of $110 which is a $40 discount on the original service price ( operating system discs or recovery discs are required and operating system serial keys).

Only "Important data" will  be backed up ( My documents Folder, Emails upon request). And programs that were not factory shipped with the pc will have to be reinstalled by the customer.( additional service fee applies for your programs to be reinstalled, price is per amount of software you need reinstalled,
original program discs and serail keys are required

If your computer is needed to attend our work shop we will also drop off the computer back to your premises free of charge, or you can collect from our work shop.

Unlimited amount of pcs can be used per coupon.

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